WILLIAMSON, N.Y. (WROC) — Congratulations to this week’s Golden Apple winner — Erina Guilfoil! 

Mrs. Guilfoil teaches first grade at Williamson Elementary School. 

“She is just a bundle of happiness and positivity. I just love walking into her classroom and she’s just so happy all the time,” said Principal Ellen Saxby. “She truly loves her kids like they were her own.” 

Mrs. Guilfoil has been teaching for 21 years, a career she chose thanks to her own second-grade teacher. 

“I loved my second-grade teacher a long, long time ago. I loved everything about her and I wanted to be her when I grew up, and I grew up and I became a teacher,” Guilfoil said. “I love children and I love being a part of their journey and learning.”

Mrs. Guilfoil is known for her engaging and fun classrooms, along with her unwavering dedication to her students. She even recently transitioned from teaching Kindergarten to first grade, so she could be with a class she had only gotten to teach remotely because of the pandemic. 

“She was the fully remote kindergarten teacher. She came to me in June last year and asked if she could move to first grade so that she could take all her kids with her,” Saxby said. “I just loved the idea. I thought it was amazing.”

Kim Grace, the mother of one of Guilfoil’s students, said the move was something that meant a lot to her and her daughter. 

“It’s amazing just coming back from the pandemic and knowing that she’s going to be in a whole different environment, wear masks and everything, and she treats these kids like her own. So knowing that my child is going to school every day, safe and happy and excited to learn… that’s, in my heart, what means the most to me,” Grace said. 

Grace’s daughter, Makenzie, said Mrs. Guilfoil has been an amazing teacher. 

“She helps me when I need help and she’s very caring,” Makenzie said. “She makes learning so fun.”

For Mrs. Guilfoil’s passion and kindness, Makenzie wanted to nominate her for a Golden Apple award through News 8.  

“I am just super excited. I’ve been Makenzie’s teacher for two years, first virtually and then in the classroom, and I’m so proud of how she has grown and developed in the last couple of years,” Guilfoil said. “We definitely have a special connection.” 

Congratulations to Mrs. Guilfoil! Thank you for all you do in our community. 

If you know a teacher you’d like to nominate for a Golden Apple Award, you can find nomination forms here.