Golden Apple: Congratulations to Anthony Raymond!

Golden Apple

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Congratulations to this week’s Golden Apple award winner, Anthony Raymond!

Raymond has been teaching science at the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School for three years and he’s already had a big impact on his students.

“This is actually a second career for me. I’ve done a whole slew of things, but this is where I really felt like I belonged. This is where I really, really feel like I make a difference and seeing these students every day makes me know that I made the right choice,” Raymond said.

On Monday, News 8 surprised Raymond with a Golden Apple award. One of his 11th grade students, Tyazahnai Harris, nominated him for the award.

“I nominated Mr. Raymond because he shown me in this past few months that he’s not just about getting us to pass, he’s more into like being our friend and teaching us the way so that we understand the work more and making us feel comfortable in the circle, because the class is already hard as it is. So he wants to make it easy for us. And I like that. I like that a lot,” Harris said.

Harris called Raymond “patient, understanding, and open-minded,” and someone who takes the time to understand every students’ needs.

“It’s important with teachers because you want your students to be able to come to you when they’re having issues at home or with another student, so that makes them feel comfortable and able to talk to you. So that’s important to me,” Harris said.

Though Raymond has heard about the Golden Apple award, he was surprised to be the recipient.

“I’ve seen other teachers win this over the years and I always thought to myself that it must be amazing to impact a student that profoundly that they they go above and beyond to recognize that teacher,” Raymond said. “It’s a very, very humbling experience.”

Raymond adds his students are the reason he comes to work every morning.

“No matter if I’m struggling with XY and Z in my personal life, they always put a smile on my face, they always come eager to learn, making jokes, smiling. And they’re just excited. They’re excited to be here and that energy rubs off on me,” Raymond said.

Congratulations to Raymond for his award! If you know any teachers you’d like to nominate for a Golden Apple award, please click here to fill out a form.

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