CHURCHVILLE, N.Y. (WROC)— Congratulations to Tim Strohm, our latest Golden Apple Award winner!

Strohm teaches some of the hardest-level math courses at Churchville-Chili High School and gets students excited to learn.

Principal Scott Wilson says, “He’s a connector with the kids, a true gentleman and he teachers our highest-level math courses and is just phenomenal.”

Tim Strohm is one of those quiet leaders who motivates kids to learn.

Sophomore Andrew Jeffers says, “I really get what he is saying every time he tries to explain something to me. He’s just a really good teacher in that way.

Jeffers and his family nominated Mr. Strohm for a Golden Apple Award after he helped Andrew’s older brother, and now Andrew, not only learn math, but want to do math.
“I’m like really getting it, so it’s fun to practice it and stuff,” says Jeffers.

Strohm has been teaching for 34 years. 26 Of them at Churchville-Chili.

“Math is not a spectator sport, so they need to practice. So, I try to motivate them. I try to emphasize the importance to them,” says Strohm.

He says one of his biggest joys is hearing from former students.
“Seeing them become successes when they leave here. I like to hear from them afterwards and hear whatever they are doing with their math, that they are succeeding with it.”

The interest he takes in his student’s lives is one of the things that sets him apart.

Jeffers adds, “he asks me about my games every time I am wearing my jersey for football and that means a lot because not many teachers do that.”

Mr. Strohm has found the right formula for being a great teacher.