ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Congratulations to Rebeca Boyd, this week’s Golden Apple Award winner. She teaches string instruments at Francis Parker School #23 in the Rochester City School District.

School Principal Kathryn Yarlett-Fenti says, “Miss Boyd is just an incredible person.  She is one of the sweetest people and all she loves and is passionate about is music and teaching kids to love music.”

Boyd was nominated by 5th grader Ronin Presutti. “She’s a great listener to all the kids, she is very patient with all of us and very friendly,” he says.

Ronin thought she deserved a Golden Apple Award for making learning the violin so much fun. Miss Boyd has been teaching for 8 years.  She conducts the Orchestra at Francis Parker School #23 in the RCSD and teaches string instruments.  

Yarlett-Fenti says, “She is dedicated, very talented herself and tends to play along with the kids even at our concerts and she’s a delight.  They love her.”

Boyd has been playing the violin herself since she was 5 and always wanted to teach.  
“My mom was a teacher, so I grew up watching her teach and helping her at school.   So, I really wanted to be like her and give back to children,” says Boyd.

When asked what her favorite part of the job is, she said, “The children.  They really make my day and they are just so beautiful and happy and talented and just full of life and hope and they just bring all the joy in my life.  

She hopes that through music, her students will also find joy.
“Learning all these different pieces of music just opens your world.  It has made my life so much more enriching and beautiful because of music,” adds Boyd.