CLYDE, N.Y. (WROC) — Congratulations to Michael Witter, this week’s Golden Apple Award winner. He is the band director at Clyde-Savannah High School.

Student Julia Rockwell nominated him for the award. “He’s very encouraging, especially of his students who maybe don’t get as much support at home as they do at school. He encourages them to try new things and go for things they wouldn’t have done without his encouragement,” says Rockwell.

She said Mr. Witter is an unsung hero at Clyde-Savannah and his constant support is why she decided to nominate him for a Golden Apple Award.

“Mr. Witter is just an exceptional person. Students always want to be with him.” Dr. Craig Pawlak, Clyde-Savannah High School Principal says. “Any free time he has — he is always providing lessons to students, even if it is during his planning time or lunchtime.”

This is Mr. Witter’s 21st year teaching at Clyde-Savannah. He always knew he wanted to be a teacher and also loves the creative process of teaching music.

“You start off and you don’t know the music. You learn it, go through the whole process, and then there’s the performance and you wrap it up, start over again and then you start the cycle over again,” said Mr. Witter.

A lot of extra time was spent helping students find their beat.