HENRIETTA, N.Y. (WROC) — Congratulations to this week’s Golden Apple Award winner Leslie Cady!

She is a fourth-grade teacher at Sherman Elementary School in the Rush-Henrietta School District.

Cady was nominated for the award by student Lauren Hochreiter and her family. “She is different, nice, kind, responsible, trustworthy,” Hochreiter says.

“Miss Cady is an exceptional teacher. She is kind, caring, she is passionate she is always looking out for every single student,” Principal Dave Passero added.

Leslie Cady has been teaching for 6 years, all in the Rush-Henrietta School district.

“I think it’s important at a young age that the kids learn what works best for them, especially knowing how our brains work,” Cady said. “How we can find accountable partners to help our learning. So it’s not just Miss Cady telling them what to do, it’s just as much their classroom as it is mine.”

She makes the classroom feel like home by using comfortable seating and she turned her supply closet into a special reading space.

Passero says, “She is always looking for new and innovative ways to engage students. She is really just a fantastic asset to our community.”

One of the things students in her class strive for is to receive a coveted “glow note”. Hochreiter explains, “If someone has a really good day, she writes them a glow note so it like gives them a reward for that.”

But on this day, it was Miss Cady who was receiving the award. “I’m just glad I get to share it with this class because I love these guys,” she says.