CLYDE, N.Y. (WROC) — Congratulations to Jill Robert, our latest Golden Apple Award Winner!

Robert has been a special education teacher in the Clyde-Savannah School District for the past 37 years.

Robert was nominated by Linda Snyder. She is retired now but she spent five years working alongside Robert in the classroom.

“She’s a resource room teacher so she goes from subject to subject with kids and I’ve never seen anybody pick up a subject with one student and then move to another student and pick up that subject just like that,” Snyder said.

That’s why she nominated Jill Robert for a Golden Apple Award and she came back from retirement to help us surprise her.

After receiving her award, Robert says, “I cannot believe this. Thank you so much. I have watched this on TV so many times. So exciting!”

At Clyde-Savannah School District, Robert works in the resource room and helps many different students with many different subjects.

“Mrs. Roberts is the type of person that just goes above and beyond whatever is asked of her and the students just gravitate towards her,” said Dr. Craig Pawlak, the Clyde-Savannah High School principal.

“Special ed is a little different than any other gen. ed. teacher. You’ve got to know a lot of different subjects and I’ve been doing this so many years. You just keep learning as you’re going. Do it as you go,” says Robert.

And after 37 years, she still loves her job.

“I love it. I love everything about what I do with kids. These guys get me here every day and keep me going. I am really excited and happy to be here still,” says Robert.

In addition to teaching, Robert has also been the yearbook club advisor, online coordinator, and varsity cheer coach at Clyde-Savannah.