GREECE, N.Y (WROC) — Congratulations to Jessica Murray, this week’s Golden Apple Award winner! Mrs. Murray is a Special Education teacher at English Village Elementary in Greece.

 Principal Jason Lewis says there are many words to describe Mrs. Murray, “She is so incredibly patient, passionate, understanding, and flexible and really does an incredible job providing the students with what they need.” 

Nicole Schoen’s son Seth is in Mrs. Murray’s class. She nominated her for the Golden Apple Award and says, “She’s caring, kind, compassionate and she communicates. Especially since the time he wasn’t able to communicate with mem “I’ve always known what is going on and she just makes learning fun for the kids.” 

 Schoen adds, “Seth has been with her for 3 years and she has helped him both socially and academically and he has made so much progress and I am very fortunate to have him with her for the last 3 years.”

Mrs. Murray has been teaching for 20 years, 17 of them in Greece.  She first started working with children with autism, and soon realized teaching was her true calling. 

“It’s a challenge, but they are fun.  It’s rewarding, it’s fun to see how much they grow.   This class we’ve had for 3 years so it’s fun to see them from the beginning to the end to see how much they’ve grown,” Murray says.

Next year the class will move on from English Village Elementary, but the skills they’ve learned from Mrs. Murray with stay with them for life. 

Principal Lewis adds, “the way that she and her team work in that classroom to build our kids up and develop them socially, emotionally and academically is just amazing.”