ROCHESTER, N.Y., (WROC)— Congratulations to Dan Walpole, our latest Golden Apple Award Winner! Mr. Walpole teaches fifth grade at Genesee Community Charter School on the RMSC Campus.

“He’s nice, he likes to sing, he plays the guitar and he’s just a really good teacher” says 5th grader Isaiah Blue. He and his family nominated Mr. Walpole for a Golden Apple Award because of his unique teaching style and the support he gives each student.

Kemouy Bhalai, Genesee Community Charter School Director says, “For me when I go into his classroom it’s usually how he cares about students that usually stands out for me. He’s just someone who’s going to show up every day, do his best and work with kids to make sure they feel comfortable and safe in his classroom for learning.”

It’s clear by the way the students celebrated their teacher, that Isaiah isn’t the only one who thinks he is great. “I can’t do great teaching without a great team and great students and that’s what I’ve been blessed to have,” says Walpole.

This is his 18th year teaching. He wanted to work with kids after an experience he had in college.
“I saw the potential for youth to be change-makers in the world and wanted to help guide them to do that.”

This school has been a perfect fit for him because he works with the same students for 2 years in a row. They go on field studies often. Last year he took the class to New York City and Massachusetts. This year, they’ve already visited Pennsylvania.

“We get to do things with young people that they might not experience on their own. like going to private land and seeing where the Genesee River starts”, says Walpole.

They are lessons that will be remembered long after students leave Elementary school.