FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — Congratulations to Buddy Nyhof, our Latest Golden Apple Award winner!

Nyhof is a 6th-grade science teacher at Martha Brown Middle School in Fairport. He never misses an opportunity to teach.  

Rebecca Short, Martha Brown Middle School Principal says,
“Not only is he influential in the classroom, but outside he does a number of clubs, our environmental club, he’s on our sustainability committee, he’s organizing a leaf-raking for Veterans for Veteran’s Day.    He just is the full picture when you think about a teacher.”  

His love of learning combined with his club leadership made Allyson MacNeal want to nominate him for a Golden Apple Award.  He was her 6th grade science teacher.  
“I had him last year and he was one of the best teachers.  He made science more fun and interactive,” she says.  

Mr. Nyhof’s family came in to help us with the surprise. They are all very proud of the teacher he’s become.    

Buddy Nyhof has been teaching for 12 years, 10 of them in Fairport. “I love working with kids.  They’re great. I love watching them learn, interacting with them,” Nyhof says.  

He never misses a chance to give a lesson. “If we don’t teach them at a young age to respect and care for the environment, what are we building for the future?  I feel it is my duty as a teacher to say hey, we have one world, one environment and if we don’t treat it fairly kindly and respect it and value it then what is our future going to look like?”, says Nyhof.  

The future is looking brighter, thank to teachers like Nyhof.