Hobart and William Smith Colleges make a major commitment to the environment.

Go Green
From the dining halls, to the dumpsters, Hobart and William Smith Colleges are looking at ways to lesson the schools impact on the environment.  
“We have a full garment of sustainability programs on campus and whether that is composting on campus.  whether that’s energy efficiency on buildings we have an eco rep program which is peer to peer sustainability program where students teach each other how to be more sustainable,” says Adam Maurer, Sustainability Manager.
The school composts about 200 thousand pounds of food a year and the new soil that comes from it is put to use growing new vegetables on the schools farm.    
“Composting is really important on campus because food waste is obviously a huge concern here in the Finger Lakes Region because most of our food waste goes to the landfill which creates GHG emissions, specifically Methane,” says Maurer.
The school is right now putting the finishing touches on it’s first ever LEAD certified building.  It’s a new performing arts center with many green features.
The students here are also encouraged to think green. The eco-rep program allows students to team up and come up with ways for the school to improve it’s carbon footprint.  
“We are working to help encourage and well as educate our fellow students on sustainability practices here and what we can do to better them,” says Noelle Nichols, HWS Sophomore.
Students have encouraged each other to conserve water, plastic bags, and use re-usable water bottles. Small steps that combined can make a big difference. 
To learn more about Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ sustainability program, click here.

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