Geneseo manhunt: Deputies continue search for suspect


GENESEO, N.Y. (WROC-TV) – The search for the man who deputies say pulled a gun on a Geneseo police officer continued Thursday morning.

Source: Livingston County Sheriff's Office

Forty-nine-year-old David Clyde Morgan, from Wilmington, N.C., still hasn’t been located.

Around 6 p.m. Wednesday, deputies say Morgan pointed a gun at a Geneseo police officer during a traffic stop on Route 63. The officer, in turn, fired shots at Morgan. It doesn’t appear anyone was hurt.

Morgan was able to run from the scene; a woman, who deputies said was in a “romantic relationship with the suspect,” was taken into custody however.

Morgan was last seen wearing a long-sleeve gray shirt with a gray baseball hat. Deputies say he is considered armed and dangerous.

Crews searched throughout the night, with help from drones and helicopters using infrared imaging, going through wooded areas and cornfields. Route 63 was closed throughout the night, but re-opened Thursday afternoon.

“We are not confident that he is even still in this area,” Sheriff Thomas Dougherty told reporters Thursday morning. “This is the best area we have, so we are working from here out… He easily could be out of this area. He could still be on foot around here; he could be on somebody’s property. He could be in a vehicle and not in this area at all.”

Speaking with News 8 Thursday afternoon, family members called on Morgan to turn himself in. Morgan’s sister tells Solina Lewis they are all upset and his mother wants Morgan to turn himself over to deputies.

 The sheriff is asking residents to keep their eyes out for Morgan, and to be alert, but says neighbors shouldn’t be afraid to continue their normal lives.

“There’s a lot of law enforcement here; you’re well protected. I would keep your doors locked. I wouldn’t not live life; if you got things, I would go do it,” Sheriff Dougherty said.

The sheriff says Morgan has served time in prison.  In court documents, News 8 found Morgan was sentenced to 17 years behind bars in 2002 on a drug charge, but was released in 2017.

“We believe the reason he escalated this so quickly is because he did believe that he had a federal warrant and was going to be going back to prison.”

However, the sheriff says, in their database at least, they found no active warrant. But, the woman that was with him says Morgan believed he had the warrant.

If you see Morgan, deputies ask you to call 911.

Due to the manhunt, SUNY Geneseo and the Geneseo Central School District are both closed.

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