Less than 2 miles from lake Ontario, off Knickerbocker Road in the town of Ontario, sits a piece of land that serves an important purpose. 
“This is a property that is special for a number of reasons.  One, it is in this band of natural lands along lake Ontario that are really important for migratory birds.  It’s also just a wonderfully diverse piece of property,” says Gay Mills, Genesee Land Trust Executive Director.  
Known as the Maguire Family Wildlife Sanctuary, this property was given to the Genesee land trust by the Maguire family that owned and farmed the land for more than 80 years. 
“It’s a wonderful little natural area in the midst of an area that has a lot of agriculture, particularly orchards,” says Lorna Wright.   She is the Director of conservation programs at the Genesee Land Trust.
The property consists of 47 acres and it’s not just woods like this, there’s also farmlands and a stream.
The Genesee land trust plans to build trails here in the future so the public can enjoy the space.  But for now, it’s a home to at least 20 different types of birds.   
“It has a diversity of tree species and shrubs so there are all kinds of different sources of food for the birds and wildlife as well as nesting opportunities,” says Wright  
This is just one of many properties that the land trust is working to preserve.  
Mills says, “we preserve and protect open spaces in the greater Rochester area.  We look for land for their habitat, for protecting farmland value and we also do a lot of projects in the city connecting to nature through trails and other activities.”
Protecting what’s here for future generations to enjoy. 
“It’s always great to be able to walk around take a deep breath and just enjoy nature,” says Wright.