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Garber employee saves co-worker’s life


Garber Honda employee Carmen Quatro discussed using life-saving CPR to save a co-worker Wednesday on News 8 at Noon.

Quatro was at work on March 8 when he was alerted that a co-worker was on the ground and turning blue.  He quickly applied chest compressions and worked to free the man’s tongue from blocking his airway.  Quatro’s ability to perform CPR saved his co-worker’s life.  The man is expected to fully recover.

James Love, the Executive Director for the Greater Rochester Chapter of the American Red Cross, awarded Quatro with a certificate recognizing his life-saving efforts.  Love said having members of the community like Quatro, who can perform CPR and first aid, is  the first link in the emergency survival chain.  The Red Cross trains thousands of people each year across the country the skills necessary to perform life-saving treatment.

Individuals interested in learning CPR and first aid, should visit the Red Cross website and search the “take-a-class” link, click here.

Businesses and organizations looking to train larger groups these same life-saving skills should email Cristi Oczek at or call (716) 878-2392.

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