First Responders Spotlight: RFD member donates blood to help nephew, community


ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — Rochester Firefighter Lt. Lisa Bubel has been a routine blood donor for 15 years. 

“Sometimes, people think you just need blood for traumas or for people who lost blood, but, there’s a lot of illnesses people end up needing a blood transfusion for,” says Bubel.

People in need, like her nephew Landon. While her blood might not go directly to him, he is one of so many in need. The two-year-old is battling cancer, diagnosed with a rare sarcoma at just four months old. 

Landon was in the clear for a bit, but his mother, Jess Gilmore, says he then relapsed in September. “We have needed nine blood transfusions this time alone. So Aunt Lisa donating is huge to us,” she says.

Lisa’s son, Cloden Bubel, is Landon’s big cousin. He says she and Landon are an inspiration.

“I know what he’s going through. I’ve constantly said the first thing I’ll do when I’m 16 is donate blood,” says Colden.

Social media post from March. Bubel was donating blood at the same time nephew Landon was receiving blood.

Lisa says the chance to give blood— and her service at Truck 5, is a dream come true. She wants to remind all in the region, if they are able, to donate. 

“So, having that blood in stock is really important,” says Bubel.

When Bubel isn’t fighting fires or giving blood, she’s also an EMT with Gates Ambulance. 

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