HENRIETTA, N.Y. (WROC) — In this week’s First Responders Spotlight, we head to a fire station that helped a couple stay together in the final years they had left.

Jodi Guiancursios told News 8 that the Henrietta Fire District managed to provide a level of security and peace for her and her husband when emergencies arose.    

Jodi’s husband was in failing health in the final years of his life.  “John was slowly getting weaker, his dementia was increasing.”

Not wanting to live in a nursing home, John was able to stay in his Henrietta home, right across the street from the Erie Station Fire Department, part of the Henrietta Fire District.  John would often collapse and have emergencies and Jodi would call the team here. 

“They’ve been into our house countless times…at least 20, to either pick him up off the floor or get him ready to be transported to the hospital by ambulance,” Jodi said.

While John passed at 87, what these firefighters did for him and Jodi remains. The team here wants to let everyone know they don’t just fight fires.

“We will come to get your cat out of a tree.   We will help lift you back up and put you in bed,” said Battalion Chief Scott Goodman. 

Lieutenant Frank Martin got to know Jodi and John.  He says whatever the call is, responding with compassion is essential. 

“One of the things we really try to concentrate on is making sure before we leave, that we do as much as we can to make their day a little bit better.”

Jodi says her husband’s time at home wasn’t without its ups and downs, but at least they were able to be there, together, for the time they had left, thanks in large part to the people at this station. 

“I can’t say enough how thankful I am that we live in a community like this, and how good they were about coming over to our house so frequently.”

Just to add, this story was told in a brand new fire hall. The grand opening for that facility on Erie Station Road will be on October 15th. 

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