ROCHESTER, NY (WROC)— The Finger Lakes Vaccine Hub Data portal is now posting detailed information about where COVID-19 vaccines are going and who is getting the shots.  

The vaccine data portal gives information about vaccination distribution efforts across the 9 county Finger Lakes region, created in an effort to help increase vaccine distribution efforts and target communities with low vaccination rates.

“We are now in the phase of vaccination where we really need to understand what it is that is going to help people understand all the details behind the vaccine and get ready to be vaccinated,” said Albert Blankley, Chief Operating Officer at Common Ground Health.

The Finger Lakes vaccine data portal was created to help leaders know where to target their efforts, the data on zip codes showing disparities between city and rural communities.

“We’re very concerned about the rural especially right now and when you look at those maps its obvious that in many of our surrounding counties the rates are somewhat lower,” said Dr. Nancy Bennett, Finger Lakes COVID-19 vaccine HUB.

The portal also has data related to race, ethnicity and age and confirms that the focus now needs to be on younger populations

“I think a lot of young people feel a little more complacent they feel like, I’m going to get a cold it’s no big deal. But that’s not really true. A certain percent of them will get serious disease,” Dr. Bennett.

So far in the Finger Lakes Region, 43% of eligible residents have completed their vaccination series and 57% have received the first dose. Leaders believe this portal will help raise those numbers.

“We are absolutely using this data today to help us understand the community that are looking for a little bit more help and understanding,” said Blankley.

Leaders say they are already using this data to help create programs focused on rural and young populations.