ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — This year’s Fine Tastings to support the Al Sigl Community of Agencies is coming up on Wednesday, September 18 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Locust Hill Country Club in Pittsford.

Sandy Wehner and her employer Sage Rutty will serve as Gold Sponsors for the event. Proceeds will benefit the organization’s six member agencies — CP Rochester, Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc., Medical Motor Services, National Multiple Sclerosis Society Upstate New York Chapter, Rochester Hearing and Speech Center, and Rochester Rehabilitation.

Wehner discussed what’s on tap for this year’s Fine Tastings Tuesday during News 8 at Noon.

“Fine Tastings is a food tasting event with wine tasting, craft beers, different distilleries, and a silent and live auction,” Wehner said. “It is a fabulous night. The food is fantastic. For those folks who are not wine drinkers, there’s the craft beer. They just redid the Club so it’s going to be fantastic. And if you don’t like anything to drink there, there’s going to be a cash bar, so people can go and get their own drink. But it’s really about getting together, having some good food, meeting some new friends, supporting Al Sigl, and bidding on some of these items. It’s just a wonderful event. I love it every single year.”

For Wehner, supporting Al Sigl is personal. “Many years ago, my mother died very suddenly. My dad was an amputee. He didn’t have his right leg. Of course, that’s the one we need to drive. So she drove him everywhere. When she passed away, he was pretty much trapped in his home. And so with a lot of negotiations, we got him to learn how to drive a hand-controlled vehicle. He went to ‘Drive On,’ which is one of the agencies through Al Sigl. They taught him how to drive. We got his car refitted. And, you know, the last four years of his life were incredible. He said he had a whole new lease on life and it made a huge difference. So it’s pretty cool that they do things that we don’t even know about until you’re in a situation where you need to help someone – and enter Al Sigl.”

It’s helpful for the individual and that individual’s family. “I deal with a lot of different clients who are dealing with family issues and things like that,” Wehner explained. “It is very difficult for the arms of support; whether it be children or spouses, or what have you. So for those individuals, they really need to have different things that can help them cope, help them deal with the person that’s going through these different issues. So if you run into a situation, you make those phone calls. Call Al Sigl. What do they have to offer? I think it’s incredibly important for people to be educated about what’s out there and it does help those of us who are the support mechanism.”

To get your tickets for Fine Tastings on September 18, visit the Al Sigl website.