ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester is addressing the growing problem of finding permanent and affordable housing in the rising “seller’s market” with a permanent supportive housing campaign.

Officials behind the campaign said they aim to overcome the housing hardship with a combination of affordable residency and support services designed to help vulnerable individuals and families as a platform for health, recovery, and personal growth.

To address the issue head-on, The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester is transforming a portion of their building on Liberty Pole Way into affordable and supportive permanent housing units, where housing with leasing or rental assistance is paired with supportive services to assist those in need. The housing units will be close to the top five poorest zip codes with the highest number of people living below the poverty level.

Major Deborah Burr, Director of The Salvation Army Monroe County Operations, stressed the direct impact that the challenges of poverty and the lack of resources to overcome it has on Rochester residents. She believes affordable and supportive permanent housing units, along with individualized support, to be the best, proven approach to tackling the problem of homelessness.

“After looking at various surveys, studies, reports, and our own shelter programs, we have determined that the target population will be the chronically homeless, veterans, and those with mental health issues,” said Major Burr. “Our goal is to develop and operate seven supportive units for persons with these special conditions or other life challenges. Services and referrals will be individualized to help manage health and behavioral conditions. This individualized approach will help to create a foundation for being stable and independent.”

Fidelis Care, which provides affordable healthcare to more than 2.4 million people locally and statewide, kicked off this project’s fundraising initiative with a $10,000 donation.