ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Gas prices in Rochester rose three cents from last week as national gas prices increase, according to a report from AAA.

AAA officials said that the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.80 nationally — a four cent increase from last week and a 38 cent increase from a year ago, the report states.

In New York State, the average price is $3.87, which was a five cent increase since last week. AAA reports the average gas prices have increased in the following areas:

  • Batavia — $3.78
  • Buffalo — $3.78
  • Elmira — $3.77
  • Ithaca — $3.81
  • Rochester — $3.82
  • Rome — $3.89
  • Syracuse — $3.78
  • Watertown — $3.90

In Elmira and Ithica, the average price only increased by one cent. Buffalo’s average gas price increased by two cents, as Batavia and Rochester’s increased by three cents. Rome saw a four cent increase and Syracuse saw a five cent increase. Watertown saw the largest increase by seven cents since last week.

Meanwhile, diesel fuel prices in New York State are $5.34 — a $1.70 increase from last year. In New York, the average price for diesel is $5.90, which was a $2.15 increase from last year.

AAA officials said the increase in gas prices is attributed to tight supply and fluctuating oil prices. They also said that, due to the warmer weather, more people are outside, which is increasing regional demand.

If supply remains tight, officials say prices could keep going up.