ROCHESTER N.Y. (WROC) — Coming into a new year means new chances and a fresh start — which includes your finances. Even if you don’t have poor spending habits and keep your financial priorities in order, inflation is still causing frustration one way or another.

Thomas Ferraro Jr., a Certified Public Accountant in Rochester says inflation has affected his business as well and understands the financial difficulties everyone may be facing but confirms that when it comes to making good financial decisions this year, it is very possible. He says in fact, right now is not a bad time to make investments.

“Stocks are on sale. Most people are panicking saying markets down I don’t want to go any place near it. It could go back down some more, but the opportunity is there currently if you want to take a look at something that’s solid. You might not want to do anything with cybersecurity right now because of the volatility going on with most of them,” Ferraro Jr. says.

Ferraro Jr. adds they are significantly down from where they were two years ago at about a third or less than the value than they were. Instead, Ferraro Jr. says to go into a mutual fund that is going to offer you a little diversity in the type of investing that you’re going to do. 

Anyone with questions about investments or financial plans you can make this year can contact Ferraro Jr. at his office number, (585) 235-7730.