WALWORTH, N.Y. (WROC) — The search continues for where $15,000 of taxpayer funds in Walworth went in the last quarter of the 2021 budget and why it’s missing.

Although the Town won’t be pursuing civil action in this case, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is now launching a criminal investigation for it.  

The town government determined the cost of pursuing this in civil court will be too expensive. Sheriff Rob Milby says it’s not common to receive complaints like this, and he’s very concerned to find out what happened.   

“We are in constant contact with the Town of Walworth Supervisor and Deputy Supervisor,” Sheriff Milby said. “We are now in possession of the paperwork that is necessary to conduct this investigation, we have detectives that will be working on the investigation.” 

In a statement to News 8 the Town of Walworth Board allege they “Noticed inconsistencies and irregularities in the bookkeeping in the fourth quarter of 2021 left behind by the outgoing administration. It was then discovered that nearly $15,000 was misappropriated through payroll.” Sheriff Milby says this could lead to charges.  

“Fraud or larceny,” Sheriff Milby explained. “There’s many charges within the purview of those sections of the law. But we would ultimately confirm with the District of Attorney’s Office which ones are appropriate.” 

But the Office of the State Comptroller told News 8 their office “has made no findings in regard to the matters raised by the Supervisor. The Issues raised are under review and risk assessment for potential future audit.”    

“We’re going to not be prejudiced by anyone’s input and take a look at the documents ourselves,” Sheriff Milby continued. “And see where they go from there.”  

While the proper financial paperwork was turned over to investigators at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Milby doesn’t have a set timeline on when the investigation will be complete and urges patience from the public. Reporting in Walworth, Alex Love, News 8.  

These allegations occurred under former Walworth Supervisor Susie Jacobs time in office, but No suspects have been announced so far. We reached out to former Supervisor Jacobs for comment but haven’t heard back.