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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Many people have expressed a desire to change careers during the pandemic.

CPA Scott Adair of the New York State Society of CPAs discussed the array of options available in the field of accounting Monday during News 8 at Sunrise.

“I am a little bit biased regarding this profession so I can certainly start out with that, but I certainly would want folks to take a look at their previous educational experience and look into potentially going back to a community college, per se, to get an associates degree in accounting or go on to a four-year college or university to continue their academic pursuits as far as accounting goes,” Adair said.

There are a ton of opportunities out there in a variety of positions according to Adair. “We talk about entry-level positions such as an accounting clerk or an account clerk in various businesses all the way up to CEOs of organizations. I think one of the things that we find in this profession is that the financial background that we’re taught or educated with is extremely important to your success in whatever business you choose. That can run the gamut of a not-for-profit, government, a corporate environment, or even a public accounting background which is really the tax accountants or auditors, those types of people.”

Adair said analytical skills are important for people considering a career in accounting. “Being able to take a look at the big picture of an organization and boil it down to – not only from a financial aspect, primarily a financial aspect because that’s what we’re trained in, that’s what we’re focused on, but also to understand the operational side of a business, to weigh and balance out those two positions that sort of conflict with each other sometimes in business and come to a common middle ground.”

Adair said he has found his career gratifying and believes others will too. “It’s been extremely gratifying from the standpoint of what I’ve been able to do as far as the businesses that I’ve worked in, in giving back to them and understanding some of the operational aspects of them as well as in a not for profit community – being able to give back through service – whether that be through a not for profit or through a governmental entity – it’s been a very, very rewarding experience and I will say this to anybody who ventures into it or anyone who is venturing into it – you have a life long learning opportunity in this profession and certainly will meet a lot of great people along the way.”

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