ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Experts from AAA have announced that the national average price for a gallon of gas is now a few cents lower than it was a year ago.

According to AAA, the current national average price is $3.14, 12 cents lower than last week. However, around this time last year, the price was $3.31. Additionally, in New York, the average is $3.48 — 10 cents lower than last week — but last year, the average was $3.51.

Data from the Energy Information Administration shows that demand for gas is low as stocks are rising — experts add the demand is low because fewer people will be driving due to weather and less daylight.

According to Patrick De Haan, the head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, Americans are now saving around $750 million every day.

“While the decline should take the national average under $3 per gallon in the next week or so, it is soon likely to fade as oil prices have held in the $70 per barrel range,” De Haan said. “But while the declines for gasoline may fade, diesel prices still have considerable ground to cover, and could fall another 50 cents or more in the weeks ahead. Fuel prices across the board have been plunging back into territory more Americans feel is normal, which could certainly boost economic sentiment going forward.”

Diesel prices dropped as well, but the average is not lower than it was a year ago — currently, the national average is $4.77, which was 15 cents lower than last week but is up from $3.59 last year.

Crude prices increased over the last week — oil prices range from $74 to $79 a barrel, a $4 increase from last week. AAA attributes the increase to a weaker dollar and higher market optimism.

AAA Western and Central New York gave a full breakdown of the following averages:

  • Batavia — $3.39 (down eight cents)
  • Buffalo — $3.54 (down eight cents)
  • Elmira — $3.42 (down four cents)
  • Ithaca — $3.62 (down nine cents)
  • Rochester — $3.57 (down seven cents)
  • Rome — $3.56 (down 11 cents)
  • Syracuse — $3.50 (down seven cents)
  • Watertown — $3.53 (down 11 cents)