ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As college graduates get ready to enter the workforce now is the time to build a solid financial foundation.

CPA Matt Bryant from the New York State Society of CPAs offered up a financial road map Thursday during News 8 at Sunrise.

What are some financial tips for recent college graduates?

· You should have a budget

· Write down all of your income and all of the bills that need to be paid each month

· Track your purchases to see where your money is spent

Are there any ways to save on expenses?

· Now that one is done taking new student loans, consider a consolidating student loan

· A consolidating student loan will allow you to combine all student loans into one loan that may have longer repayment options to lower the monthly payment amount

How about saving for a large purchase, like a house or a car?

· It’s a great idea to start saving as early as you can

· Have some of your paycheck direct deposited to a savings account to keep the funds separate

· You should also save for an emergency fund so a large bill in the future can be covered

Is it too early to start saving for retirement?

· No, the start of your career is a great time to save for retirement

· Money invested in your early 20s will have 40 years to grow before retirement

· The longer your money is invested, the more opportunity that it has to grow

Any ideas on how to bring in more money?

· You can make extra money with a side job

· You can take something that you enjoy doing, such as baking or website design, and generate income from those activities

What if a recent college graduate has questions about planning their financial path?

· A trusted certified public accountant can be a great resource for a personal financial plan