HILTON, N.Y. (WROC) — Braiden Wingrove, a senior at Hilton High School, is a member of the track and field team, plays baritone sax, was in two school plays, and as if that wasn’t enough -He even built his own scooter to help him get around.

So perhaps needless to say, Wingrove is a determined young man, with a clear goal when he started a class called “STEM Exploration,” asking his teacher, Mr. Randle, to build a special vehicle with sensors attached to it.

Mr. Randle at first said it might not be possible… But he acquiesced, and bought two of them. Wingrove’s ride was made from a kit, from a company called “Infento.”

“It has sensors on the left side of it and the right side of it, so I know which way to steer,” he said. “If it was going to make a high pitch sound, I would have to steer to the right, if it was a making a low pitch sound, I would have to steer to the left.”

Wingrove has a visual impairment, making the ride a personal project. But he also worked with two classmates, Tim Chaney and Austin Shulz-Allen, to make the build happen.

“I think I made an outstanding amount of progress since day one. It took three weeks to build this,” he said. Braiden says that he got a little bit of help from the robotics teacher on programming, but now that it’s done, he’s earned a job well done, and a fancy new way to get around school.

Randle said that he bought two kits — one for each one of his classes — at the end of the year, they will race the two.