‘Vaccinate the Globe:’ Local glassblower creates glass vaccines for awareness, charity


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — From his studio overlooking the patch of land formerly known as Parcel 5, glassblower Hawk Iamon sets upon a project. And like all projects, this one has meaning, but also a mission: “Vaccinate the Globe.”

“I went to get my first dose of the vaccine at the Dome. I wasn’t sure what I would be running into there,” Iamon said. “But the people were just amazing. I wanted to do something for them. So on my second dose, when I went in, I had made some syringes up. I figured what better gift than a syringe.”

Iamon, after a moment of destiny, was inspired to become a glassblower when he saw the art at The Sterling Renaissance Festival. Now, he’s doing all things glass blowing, a craft he’s perfected over nearly 20 years.

But even after decades, his own fire burns bright.

“I mean, it’s exciting, it really is,” he said. “You’re sitting in front of a torch that’s blowing thousands of degrees of heat at glass. (It starts) to move, and your heart gets going, and it’s like being a little kid all over again.”

So he made the syringes with a technique similar to what he demonstrated for News 8 with the swan. He takes a glass tube, heats a portion of it, and blows it into shape. After one end is sealed off, he places the open in colored water. The change in temperature sucks the water in, and the water is trapped inside.

That vacuum even strengthens the glass, Iamon says.

Those syringes he made for the nurses were so loved, that one nurse bought all of them for her crew. Iamon then knew he was onto something.

He shrunk the design so they could be worn as a pendant. After one call, he started working with Doctors without Borders. 20% of all his sales go to them.

Iamon also says that the pendants work as a way to start a conversation.

“It’s a talking piece. It’s a moment for somebody to talk about the vaccine,” he said. “I believe I’ve actually changed a few minds to, to go down and get it themselves.”

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