ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — For 11 weeks now, a song called “Stylish” by one Judah Sealy has been on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Charts, peaking at No. 9 and now his friend, collaborator, and guitarist Deepak Thettu has also charted with a song called “Follow Your Heart,” debuting at No. 25.

When the saxophonist Sealy with his band — along with his guitarist Thettu — came to News 8 to perform on “Songs from Studio B” back in December, Sealy’s song “Stylish” was on the charts, and it is still is.

Sealy is a music teacher at Rochester Prep and a record producer, while Thettu works across the Rochester City School District as an occupational therapist.

Through RCSD, they forged a friendship that sparked collaboration that lead to Sealy producing Thettu’s music.

“I’m really inspired by Judah’s his production,” Thettu said. “This is phenomenal production, the way he plays his chords on the keyboard, the way he sets up his rhythms, and his bass lines… (It’s) pretty much what I wish I could do, but thank goodness for me that my brother does that.”

“I’ve told him this before he’s the sweetest guy,” Sealy said. “And he is an amazing songwriter, amazing melody creator. And one thing that you will never that is hard to duplicate is chemistry — that’s what makes it click — and so the chemistry that we have is, is like something that I would not trade for anyone else.”

They say even beyond their collaboration, their love, respect, of the fandom of smooth jazz, powers their music, and they believe that the audience feels the authenticity. Today’s smooth jazz combines bebop, soul jazz, gospel, and hip-hop.

“I love it, because it really is a little bit of everything,” Thettu said, as his tune sits at No. 25 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart.

Sealy and Thettu say this track came together — after some back and forth — when it was recorded on a Friday, and was mastered and ready to go on a Monday.

“I wanted to channel ‘Follow Your Heart’ basically is about not just following your heart following your dreams,” Thettu said. “But it’s how do you get there. I went we had a close family member passed recently that at the time was having lots of heart problems.”

“So ‘Follow Your Heart’ is really following our heart physically, as well as emotionally, spiritually, to make the most of our lives,” Thettu said. “Stylish” also follows a similar internal journey:

“We’ve all struggled with, with different things,” Sealy said. “And one of the things I’ve always struggled with was confidence, believe it or not, is in my self image. And so I wanted to make a song that when I heard it, it would make me feel a certain way, you know, or he would either capture a certain emotion or make me feel that emotion.”

On the recognition, both men agree that it’s nice, but the key is that they are creating their art, and people want to hear it.

“That’s how it feels like we are doing something that is connecting with people and is getting official recognition and that is encouraging,” Sealy said. “And it’s also encouraging if no if Billboard never says whatever, but some people are enjoying and that just it’s a good feeling. It’s a good feeling.”

Watch their Songs from Studio B here: