ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — Last Monday, 12-year-old Juan Lopez was gunned down in the area of Atkinson Street and Reynolds Street in the City. It immediately prompted the mayor, police chief, and faith leaders to demand action and greater accountability.

Thursday, Juan’s father, Jose Lopez, spoke out. He wants this case– still unsolved– locked up tight and his son’s killer caught. 

Juan Lopez was a 7th-grade student at the Benjamin Franklin Education Campus. A young man whose whole life was cut short when an unknown suspect opened fire. Law enforcement has said the motive is a mystery.

A funeral visitation Thursday night was held for Juan at Memories Funeral Home; his family is still traumatized– but touched. 

“I want to thank everybody, the community, and everybody. All the support they’ve given us,” said Jose Lopez.

Jose talked more about his boy and the outpouring of affection at ‘Memories’; Juan’s classmates and teachers lined the block. “My son— he was a loving kid. But I didn’t know so (many) people loved my son and cared about my son.”

When Juan was shot, also struck was a 16-year-old with him, that teenager is still recovering. Jose says he only wants one thing right now. 

“I just want justice for my son,” he said.

Jose wants whoever took Juan from this earth caught and off the streets. Jose is worried about what else this ‘suspect on the run’ is capable of. 

“I just want to police to catch the person who did this and put him behind bars, you know? He could take a 12-year-old boy’s life right now– it could be somebody else,” he said.

The actual funeral service for Juan will take place Friday on Tremont Street. Major Crimes is still investigating this shooting.  Police are asking anyone with information on the death of Juan Lopez to call 911.