Family that bought house before it exploded will give deposit money to charity


A Rochester family owns a real estate company and recently bought a house in a public auction. That house was 64 Illinois St., the one that exploded on Wednesday evening. When the family found what happened to the house, they decided they didn’t want to keep the money, but instead decided to give it back to the community.

“My dad saw it first on the news and called me and said, ‘I can’t believe it, this is the house that we just got the winning bid on’,” said Sal Salafia.

Salafia and his family own Salafia Sold Team. They’ve been buying foreclosed houses for years, and they work to get them back to the original owner. He said his family didn’t have the chance to talk to the owner the house on Illinois St. before the explosion.

“We decided that we want to do something positive out of the negative that has been created here and we want to try to help the community,” said Salafia.

The family paid $80,700 for the house. They put down a $10,000 deposit and are trying to get that money back- since the house isn’t in the same condition it was when they bought it. That money will go straight to charity.

“What we’re going to do is give it to four organizations that are not for profit that will help people and their families that are in this type of situations,” he said.

The family hasn’t decided which four charities they’re going to give back to yet. They have a few in mind, such as Lollypop Farm, and they’ll be officially announcing those soon.

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