ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A ‘fake weapon’ was confiscated from a student at Gates-Chili High School, the district reported Friday.

The school district issued a statement indicating high school administrators received a report that a student displayed what appeared to be a weapon. Security secured the item and determined it did not pose a real threat, and no actual threats were made.

“While this thankfully was not a real weapon, any type of replica, even if it is a toy, is prohibited on school property as it disrupts the safe learning environment that we work to foster each day,” wrote Superintendent Christopher Dailey.

The statement went on to say the student will be subject to disciplinary measures according to the Code of Conduct and Character, and thanked students and staff who brought this forward and handled the situation.

The district did not elaborate on what type of fake weapon was displayed.

News 8 has reached out to determine if police are investigating.