ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — After the Monday shooting that left 12-year-old Juan Lopez dead and a 16-year-old hospitalized, faith and community leaders held a press conference at the Power House Kingdom Cathedral on Clifton Street Tuesday.

They are calling on parents to have closer relationships with their kids, and for a closer look at how those charged with gun offenses are treated.

In sum, they said we’re at a new low when we’re talking about children getting shot and killed. They said when the church goes, the nation goes, and so does the spirit of the neighborhood. They added some have forgotten key values taught in places of worship and at home.

Faith leaders like Clay Harris with ‘Uniting and Healing Through Hope‘ said for adults to be parents to their kids — stop being friends with them. Raise them to not commit acts of evil, like the shooting that claimed the life of Lopez.

“When is ‘too grown’? They never get too grown for our parenting. We have abdicated our authority and our oversight of our children. We do not teach and train and nurture anymore,” said Harris.

Also brought up at the event, City Councilman Michael Patterson has advocated for a ‘dangerousness standard’ when it comes to locking up those facing gun charges; something he called for again Tuesday.

“I humbly submit to this community— two of our children were gunned down last night. We lost one last night! These are our children. If you don’t know how to feel about this let me tell you: this is a time to weep. This is a time to be deeply disturbed and affected. We’re losing children,” said Patterson.

Pastor Jeffrey Melvin said Rochester is the most ‘un-churched city in America’. He said in short, many have walked away from faith and that’s why these horrible shootings— like Monday night—- keep taking place. He said he knows what needs to change, and it starts at the kitchen table.

“From a personal standpoint— it is not just more programs and money that we need — we need to deal with what’s going on in these homes. What’s going on in the house? A fact: 80 percent of all children born in the Black and Brown community—- the fathers are gone.”

That lack of fatherhood said Pastor Johnny Harris with the Provision Full Gospel Church, pushes young people to the arms of other adult influencers. “…but those levels of influence, unfortunately, have had prior marks within the nature of our (prison) system,” he said.

Patterson did say someone at the shooting saw something— someone knows who killed 12-year-old Juan Lopez. He said it is up to that person to say something to the police. As a reminder, you can do so anonymously by calling (585) 423-9300.