Facebook goes dark: Local cyber expert says to be vigilant


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Facebook went totally dark earlier this week, alarming millions. For a few hours, users’ posts, photos, and profiles were not accessible. It was even put up for sale at one point. The official cause of that Facebook hack, still under investigation. 

Paul Robinson from IGI Cybersecurity to get at what went wrong here, saying it’s still a fluid situation.

“As far as what exactly happened, who was involved, what the backstories are, and things like that,” he says.

Robinson says it was a tech issue that rendered it “unusable” for several hours, causing mass chaos online, and at headquarters, adding that this serves as a wake-up call.

“There were reports of Facebook actually having to bring in human people, engineers to come into the data centers,” he said. “There are times things like this can happen that can really bring the world to its knees.” 

Critical services like banking and utilities could be vulnerable, amplifying the panic people saw this week. Robinson says to be proactive and be vigilant.

“Reset your passwords with all your critical information,” he said.

Also, things like music, photos, and videos, he says to back them up. Some house all of that exclusively online.

“From a backup perspective, it’s so vitally important,” he said.

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