They’re one of the world’s least known and most hunted animals. But, an inspired sixth grader from Victor is trying to change that. 

Eleven-year-old Jillian Doyle made hundreds of pins to sell. She’s raising money and awareness about pangolins…. NOT to be confused with penguins!

Jillian explains, “They’re kind of like armadillos. They’re covered in scales, except for their stomachs and they curl up into balls when they sense predators.”

They are among the most endangered species in the world. Pangolins are illegally hunted in Asia and Africa for their scales. When Jillian found out about that, she took action. She says, “What bothers me the most is that they’re just being poached for like essentially no reason.”

Jillian says she learned about Pangolins at school. “I got to know them when I was really little in a book that I read. It was called “P is for Pangolin.” The Pangolins just really spoke to me and they’re very endangered so I’ve just been trying to help save them.”

So far she’s raised around $700 and created a video online to raise awareness. She explains, “About 110,000 Pangolins are killed each year. That’s one every five minutes. “

Jillian says she hopes to change that. “When I grow up I might go into a career to help saving endangered animals. “

You can watch her online video and learn more about Jillian’s efforts by clicking here.