In this week’s Extraordinary People, we bring you an inspiring story about the latest GoFundMe Kid Hero Jenny Shaw.

The young girl started a movement to bring joy to kids in the hospital and let them know they’re not alone. 
On Jenny’s seventh birthday, her dad, Mike Shaw, got the phone call no parent wants to hear: Jenny had cancer.

“She’s been real champ through all of it from losing her hair, to surgery, radiation, chemotherapy she’s really been a true warrior in every sense of the word,” said Mike Shaw. 
Jenny quickly recognized how even though she was battling cancer, she was one of the fortunate children at the hospital as she was close to the comforts of home and surrounded by family and friends. She decided to make care bags for kids in the hospital, and she started a GoFundMe to bring her idea to life.  The support came flowing in from all over.

With her GoFundMe, she raised enough money to gift hundreds of survival bags to children in hospitals. After seven months, Jenny had finished her last chemo treatment and was able to go home.

Still she continues her mission to get bags to children, and she plans to branch out to other hospitals. Despite her age, Jenny recently started a video blog to encourage families.

Recently GoFundMe has chosen her to be their GoFundMe Hero for the month of April.

You can read more about her journey here. And you can click here to donate to her GoFundMe account.