In this week’s Extraordinary People Segment, we introduce you to the owner of Meals By DeLeo.
Jason DeLeo has owned his own catering business for nearly two decades. Recently, he made a change to his own diet that he says saved his life. Now he’s trying to help others.
Jason started cooking when he was a little boy. “My mother taught me how to make meatballs and sauce and I was hooked ever since,” says Jason. What started out as a passion, grew into a business…then a lifesaver.
A few years ago Jason was overweight, had high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. He says switching to healthy cooking saved his life… and inspired him to help others.
He tells us; “They (doctors) were going to put me on insulin because my sugar was still out of wack and I was just tired of killing myself……I started Keto. I didn’t know what Keto was at the time. I was eating chicken, vegetables and cabbage, a lot of cabbage, and I started seeing the weight come off.”
After seeing Jason’s transformation, his customers started requesting healthy meals. Not only does Jason prepare healthy meals for his clients… He donates food to hundreds of people in the area every month and says, “We have the opportunity to have leftovers. Sometimes we order more and we box it up. We go around we know where they are. There are a lot of homeless people, a lot of people who need it.”
He hopes his cooking does for others…what it’s done for him. “No diabetes, no high cholesterol, no high blood pressure, no more sleep apnea machine,” Jason says.
And a lot to live for: He’s making a difference one meal at a time.