Extraordinary People: Rochester couple uses community resources to solve a global problem

Extraordinary People

Patrick and Elizabeth Shores learned about the clean water crisis, and the 700 million people worldwide without access to clean water, while on a mission trip. 

“There’s a group in rural, more neglected populations in developing areas of the world. This gap is for everything, but especially for clean water, they just weren’t getting the relief they needed. That’s how Untapped Shores got its beginning, we wanted to solve their problem.”

So the two people with business majors knew they needed help. They used local designers, engineers, local resources, they were able to launch Untapped Shores in January of 2017. 

“It really is a Rochester story to ending the clean water crisis,” Patrick Shores tells News 8. 

In the first year, they gave at least 100,000 people in dozens of countries new access to clean water. 

And it gets better, says Patrick, “We don’t just give them the solution and walk away, we teach them how to use this to create a water business, so that we’re maximizing our donors’ dollars because we can honestly say that when we start a project, we solve that water crisis forever. We teach them how to make money to keep that project going.”

The Shores left behind profitable jobs in business to solve a problem, and say they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“We’re literally saving lives and that’s not something I ever thought I would be directly part of. It’s pretty awesome and we want to get more people involved in this,” Patrick says. 

Untapped Shores started here and continues to grow here. Nearly 80% of all donations which fund their projects come from Rochester and thanks to that, the Shores say they’re looking to expand their work and help millions of people in 2018, just their second year. 

To learn more about Untapped Shores and how you can help, click here. 

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