For Robin English, being a veterinary technician is a dream job. For the past 19 years, she’s been working with animals at the Seneca Park Zoo. 

“It was just always a place that I wanted to be,” English said. “I love working with the exotic animals and being around them. It’s just been a good fit for me.”

She spends her days making sure all of the animals are healthy and taken care of, but she says it’s the animals that take care of her. 

“They all have their own distinct personalities, so it’s fun to see that and experience that and be part of that,” said English. 

Robin works with about 60 other people at the zoo, taking care of animals and running the zoo.

“My co-workers are wonderful. It’s a tremendous crew that works here,” she said. “We all have the same passion and same goals so we all work together very well.” 

Her commitment to the zoo was tested recently, when she found out in February she had stage three breast cancer.  

“It’s been a challenge but it has also made me a stronger person,” said English. “And it’s made me realize a lot of different things you don’t think about before.”

She had a double mastectomy, just finished chemo, and is ready to start radiation therapy – and through it all, she has been here at the zoo, with a positive upbeat attitude her co-workers find to be amazing. 

“Being here being at the zoo, being able to work through all of this, has been tremendous for me,” she said. “It’s given me something to focus on besides my health concerns.”

Her doctors tell her that things are looking good.  And that’s great news for the animals and people that have come to depend on and love Robin English.