Extraordinary People: Refugee uses his own story to help others

Extraordinary People

Faziri Ndahiro is a successful student at the College at Brockport, but his road here from the Republic of the Congo was not an easy one. 

“My tribe is not recognized as one of the tribes in Congo so most of the other tribes in Congo are against us, trying to push us out of the country. That’s why I had to leave my country. I went to a refugee camp in Uganda, where actually I’d say I spent most of my life, in a refugee camp,” he remembers. 

Unable to afford school while in the camp, but fluent in many languages, he began working with the U.N. 

“Hearing a lot of stories when I was interpreting for the UN from different people, I thought maybe I went through a lot, but when you hear about other people’s experiences, it really changes the way you are thinking.”

That’s where his idea for Rochester Global Refugee Services was born. The non-profit helps as many refugees as possible. 

Ndahiro says, “Whoever really needs help, we do that. There are so many services we help with, finding jobs, finding affordable houses. We connect them to the hospitals if they have challenges going on. We are the bridge between refugee families and services in the community.”

Not only do they help refugees locally, they also raise money for humanitarian relief projects. They currently are working on a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a transformer so that people in the camp can use their own corn-grain grinder. 

“My goal is having more people getting access to services when they need them, because I’ve been in a place where I needed help but there was no way to access it,” Ndahiro tells News 8. 

To learn more about the Rochester Global Refugee Services and how you can help, click here. You can also visit their facebook page by clicking here. 

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