ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A world-renowned plastic surgeon resides right here in Rochester.

You may have heard of Dr. Vito Quatela, but you may not have heard about the work he’s been doing in Third World Countries.

When you think of plastic surgery, you probably think of facelifts, nose jobs and more. But what about kids born with facial deformities. Rochester Plastic Surgeon, doctor Vito Quatela founded an organization in 2003 called HUGS to help kids those kids in other countries. He says, “Mostly it’s ear reconstruction, which is Microtia. Kids born without ears basically and then cleft lips and cleft palates. ”

Dr. Quatela and his team have been on more than 30 missions to Ecuador, Guatemala, and Vietnam. He’s performed about 1,600 changing surgeries.

“I’ve seen kids who really were ostracized,” he said. “Children in Latin America for example, they have to be an asset to the family and if they’re a liability, there’s a whole other issue. I’ve seen kids who had no hope for going to school or doing anything, become an architect. I have two now that are aspiring physicians. They want to join our mission.”

He says there’s nothing more rewarding than helping others.

“When you do something for someone who can’t have it otherwise, it’s a whole different ballgame,” Dr. Quatela said. “It’s much more rewarding and it’s kind of infectious.”

He encourages others to volunteer their time if possible and like his brochure says “Be the reason someone smiles today.”