Extraordinary People: At age 25, Eric Vaughn Johnson runs theater company

Extraordinary People

He realized his love of acting when he was just six-years-old and now Eric Vaughn Johnson is working with hundreds of other actors to help them make their own dreams come true.

He founded a a local theater company called OFC Creations. OFC offers classes in acting, singing and dance.

He started the program when he was just 12. Johnson says, “It was in 2005. We were just going into high school and we just wanted to get involved with theater and we wanted to get involved with film and create our own opportunities.”

He’s 25 now and has expanded the company. He also runs Roc Summer Theater Experience, the largest summer theater program in upstate New York. Upwards of 600 kids enroll and take part in 15 theater productions in only seven weeks.

Johnson says, “The most rewarding part is seeing the kids that come in Day 1 and won’t speak. Maybe they’re a little timid and don’t want to audition and they’re all by themselves, and by the middle of the process, or even by the performance, they’ve made all these friendships and they’ve come out of their shell and they say to me, ‘Mr. Johnson I want to be the lead next time.'”

Helping local kids overcome their fears and make their own dreams come true is why Vaughn Johnson is so passionate about what he does. He says, “You’re always discovering who you are in the world and how do you fit into the world and these kids get to have that confidence on the stage.”

Johnson is an award-winning director and has been involved in numerous productions. He also has a book published, “My Quarter-Life Crisis,”  reflecting on his passion and encouraging others to follow their dreams.

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