Webster schools relaunch reopening survey after parents skew results


WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Webster Central School District is re-launching its “Reopening Schools” survey after participants tried to impact the results with completing the survey more than once, or having people outside the district fill it out.

“There was a concerted effort by some in our community to influence the results by completing the questionnaire multiple times (i.e. up to 300x by one individual,” said Webster Central School District Superintendent Dr. Carmen Gumina in a letter to parents Monday. “Also, there was evidence that quite a few people from outside of Webster CSD completed our survey multiple times. While I do not know the extent to which the data has been affected, it is obvious that a more secure process needs to be followed in order to ensure that each WCSD family can accurately have their voices heard.”

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The new survey for Webster parents has since been launched with more security through the district’s Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

“I give them credit for their enthusiasm,” Gumina told News 8 Tuesday. “The fact that they would sit and take something 300 different times — it says an awful lot about their passion to want their kids back in full-time. Unfortunately though, it’s tough to rely on data if you know it might be skewed a little bit. So, we decided to do our survey again right through our parent portal, it’s a lot more secure.”

Webster, like most districts in the area, are surveying families to gauge the interest level on fully reopening schools.

For a district to reopen fully, it would have to submit its plan to the New York State Department of Health for approval, similar to the initial reopening process last fall.

To date, the six-foot requirement for distancing has been cited as the hardest hurdle to overcome in reopening schools fully, but Kathy Graupman, President of the Monroe County Superintendent’s Council, expressed optimism last week that schools would be able to fully reopen by the end of the academic year.

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