ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The University of Rochester Warner School’s Center for Urban Education Success held an event to discuss improving school systems for underserved communities Wednesday evening.

The discussion took place at East High School —a school that was once struggling, but has since drastically improved their graduation rate after partnering with the University of Rochester.

Shaun Nelms, the superintendent of the Educational Partnership Organization for East High,
says schools had the opportunity to learn from each other at the event.

“About eight years ago the university was approached by the state to think about supporting a school that was in crisis, and East was that school,” Nelms said. “Eight years later we’ve moved the graduation rate from 29 percent to 86 percent, and the university wants to expand it’s presence within the education community. This is one of our opportunities to share knowledge about not only our school, but learn from other schools as well.”

Nelms said it was important to recognize the excellence happening in suburban, rural, and city schools alike, and beneficial to share that knowledge with each other.