ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Students from all around the greater Rochester Area gathered at the Gates-Chili school district Friday for the 14th Annual ‘Roc 2 Change’ summit.

The mission students undertook this year is to talk to their peers about combatting racism and to celebrate and discuss different kinds of people in the community.

They also say it’s a goal to ‘deconstruct tolerance.’

News 8 spoke to some of the students there about what exactly that means.

“Deconstruction doesn’t mean to tear apart and to break,” Holley CSD student Jose-Angel Valentin told News 8. “It means to take apart and to better understand something and then to be able to put it back together in a better, neater way.”

The event also featured a presentation of Princeton University’s ‘Prize for Race Relations’ which recognizes high school students who undertake substantive efforts to advance race relations in their communities and schools.