ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Wednesday was World Read Aloud Day and News 8 made a visit at RCSD’s School Number 33 to see how they were celebrating.

A number of city officials and superintendents were in attendance to read to students and promote literacy, as well as the right to read.

News 8’s own meteorologist James Gilbert attended the event, and explained why he thinks reading is important for kids.

“Reading is incredibly important, not only for the extremely young, basically when born, but all the way and through your entire life,” Gilbert said. “You can learn so much. You can learn so much about different cultures. I’m happy to be here at school number 33 to read to kids and kind of instill that knowledge, once you start reading a book, you never end reading through your entire life.”

The theme for this year’s World Read Aloud Day was “Readers Become Leaders.”

Principal Melody Martinez-Davis says she wants students to see that community leaders are avid readers adding this will hopefully inspire students so they will know they can become leaders, too.