ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Roc2Change, a student-led event, empowered high school students during a summit on Friday.

The students met at the BOCES in Spencerport, where over 400 students across 40 school districts were in attendance.

The theme for this year is giving respect to others and getting respect. The students attended three workshops — personal boundaries and respect, discrimination and respect, and respecting other’s cultures.

“A lot of our students had conversations about being discriminated against, they had some discussions about their cultures, and how different cultures are sometimes misunderstood,” said Victor Senior HS Principal Jennifer Grimes.

“I find that our parents in Victor to be enthusiastic about events like this where we can get kids together to form leadership groups and solve problems that are societal problems,” added Superintendent Tim Terranova.

Organizers for the event also share that they hope students will keep in touch and that the event will go towards long-lasting change.