ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — News 8 received an update Friday from the Rochester City School District regarding students who have yet to be placed.

Deputy Superintendent for Administration and Supports Ruth Turner said there are about 655 students still looking to be placed.

Turner says that’s because the district is waiting for paperwork from caregivers. She talked about the importance of getting kids placed quickly.

“Yes, the more you’re out of school the further you fall behind,” Turner said. “I mean we have mechanisms. We have paper tutoring that is available to all students that they’re able to have a high-quality tutor available online to help them. So, we want families to know about that and to inquire about that if they’re not aware on how to access those services. But more importantly the message we really want to get out is if you’ve done registration and your child has not been placed its due to the fact we are requiring some level of documentation.”

Turner said anyone who needs help — be on the lookout for phone calls and emails, or head to the district offices in person. Turner says the process will take about 15 minutes.