ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A nationwide teacher shortage persists despite school getting underway across New York and the country.

The Rochester City School District saw more than 300 teaching vacancies in early July. Now, district officials said it is fully staffed. However, a new study from the teachers union indicates otherwise.

Last week, News 8 learned that 150 teaching positions were still open in RCSD. District leaders say they’re now filled.

However, for the first time in the Rochester Teachers Association’s (RTA) history, faculty representatives are collecting numbers weekly.

Already, RTA president Adam Urbanski said some staff is still needed.

“The situation is better than anticipated, but we’re not there yet,” said Urbanski.

In an effort to seek clarity on the ongoing staffing crisis seen in city schools, the RTA is calling out to the schools individually to provide the number of vacant teaching positions each week.

Urbanski said that less than 24 hours in, only one school of a half-dozen has reported being fully staffed.

“It’s not that we don’t trust the numbers from the district. Now, we can not only verify the districts numbers, but we can point out in exactly what subjects and what grade levels the vacancies exist and what the district is doing at that particular school and at every school,” said Urbanski.

Urbanski recognizes the district’s recruitment efforts over the summer to help fill in the gaps but said many teachers are starting the new year in other classrooms.

“I think they made a valiant effort, but that was a heavy lift for the district because the surrounding suburban districts have been luring our teachers away,” said Urbanski. “Some districts made it clear the working conditions, the teaching and learning conditions, are more favorable in surrounding districts.”

Moving forward, RTA hopes to get a better assessment of staffing by collecting the information each Friday over the next several weeks.

“Teachers will do everything possible to make sure their children are both safe and are getting a competent, certified teacher during this school year,” said Urbanski.

Urbanski says RTA will bring its findings back to the district regularly to help rectify any vacancies where they may exist.

Meanwhile, RCSD’s interim superintendent Carmine Peluso told News 8 that there is now a teacher for every class. However, every teacher may not be certified yet. Peluso added they are on their way there.