ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Students at Northeast Preparatory High School debuted a miniature documentary to celebrate the impact of student voices.

The film celebrates the Student Voice Committee’s accomplishments and focuses on how students at Northeast have embraced the responsibility of improving the school through student action.

Examples of projects completed by the Student Voice Committee include breaking ground on a new outdoor classroom space in May of 2021 and a completed bathroom-painting project to help build awareness around mental health supports.

Students say it makes coming to school a little more enjoyable.

“Most students when they come to school say it’s like a drag,” said Northeast Preparatory High School student Elexis McGee. “So I feel like with their ideas inside the school makes them feel like ‘oh yeah I know I’ve got something to look forward to or this is my painting on the wall or this is what I came up with in the bathroom stalls or this is what I did.'”

The film was completed by students involved in the Mikva Challenge, which supports educators and youth across the country with a curriculum that teaches civics through participation in the democratic process.