ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A new program coming from Bivona Child Advocacy Center is striving to educate children of all abilities on child safety and ways to prevent abuse.

In this era of social media, the organization is working with other partners to reach more students with this updated curriculum.

The new program is an expansion of work Bivona provides to gen-ed students in our area. Now, it will reach even more students with various needs.

With the help of roughly 500-thousand dollars in funding from various foundations, Bivona Child Advocacy Center is formulating a new curriculum for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These teachings are part of the ‘Child Safety Matters’ program with the Monique Burr Foundation out of Florida.

“What’s unique about this curriculum is it is being tailored to improve the comprehension for children of all abilities of the content. The child safety matters curriculum covers all forms of abuse, but also encourages and covers the learning of digital dangers as well as bullying and cyberbullying,” said Daniele Lyman-Torres, CEO of Bivona CAC.

Bivona’s education team has worked with school districts in our region to educate gen-ed students on these issues.

With this latest expansion, Lyman-Torres says there will be a bigger reach.

“Our vision is to simply have a world where children are free from abuse. We can’t get there for all children if we can’t reach all children with our materials,” said Lyman-Torres.

The new curriculum comes at a time when students and educators are still working to improve social-emotional connections and potential learning loss from the height of the pandemic, and remote-learning.

“We know that children really lost some of that opportunity to talk to well-meaning adults and think about their safety in different ways as we went through the pandemic, and I think now more than ever it’s important for us to revisit that education, reopen those lines of communication, and make sure children have a voice and feel comfortable,” said Lyman-Torres.

The gen-ed program between Bivona and area school districts will continue. Leaders say this type of education will continue to benefit included students for years to come.

For more information on the Child Safety Matters program, visit Bivona’s website.